Wheelchairs in Sarasota, Fl.

Are you in need of a wheelchair in Sarasota? Do you need to just rent one? Discount Medical Supply of Florida carries both manual and power wheelchairs. Call or come in today and try one out.

Manual Wheelchairs in Sarasota

One of the most popular and least expensive wheelchairs in Sarasota is a manual wheelchair. This mobility solution is ideal for users who can propel themselves forward without exerting too much effort. If you’re someone who lives with a condition that causes extreme tiredness and fatigue, this might not be the best choice. Your speed will be reduced if you require extreme effort to operate a manual wheelchair. This is an important consideration because speed is critical in various situations. We also have manual wheelchair rentals.

manuel wheelchairs in Sarasota

Power Wheelchairs in Sarasota

power wheelchairs in Sarasota

In certain situations, you understand how to operate a wheelchair but lack the upper body strength to do so successfully. Fortunately, you can choose to invest in a power wheelchair and be on your way. These models are extremely easy and convenient to use, which is just one of the major selling points. Some other important factors to consider include portability and accessibility. For starters, power wheelchairs can be very heavy, which makes them difficult to transport from place to place. In some cases, you might need an accessible vehicle to transport it. Additionally, you’ll want to remember that you might encounter obstacles, like curbs and rough terrain, that can be challenging to navigate. If you would like to try out a power wheelchair in Sarasota, come into our store today and see if it is a fit for you.

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